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Light it Up

I’ve been spending a fair bit of time looking at lighting these days. We are FINALLY in the final stages of what is likely the LONGEST reno in history (5 years on Sept 01!!!) so trust me when I say I have looked at EVERY lighting option out there. With that in mind,  I thought some of what I found was just too good to keep to myself.

I love these for their rustic touches. They give a nod to country and nature, but with a little more of a contemporary twist.





All from Currey and Company

Wouldn’t you know it though…I already ordered all of my lighting so none of these beauties will be in my home. But who knows…that may change 😉 . No wonder its taken me 5 years to renovate!

Sooooo…do you LIKE any of them? LOVE THEM? I’m dying to know!




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  1. I really like the first & second ones, they would look great in a kitchen or dining room!

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