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The New West...From Runway to Ranch!

Moving Forward

It seems that I’ve been stuck when it comes to posting over here on Western Glamour. Why?  Well, I asked myself that too… I sat down the other day to ponder why I was obviously avoiding the site. Then I realized it was because I didn’t create it…Danielle did and it just didn’t feel like MY baby. I also fear that where I want to take it got bogged down in a desire for perfection. Then someone whispered in my ear that perfect inaction gets you nowhere. Imperfect action is at least progress…it’s moving forward. And I need to do that. I need to stop fearing not being perfect when I’m posting here and just dive right in to allow us to get to know each other better.

I also realized that I brought Western Glamour into the UrbanCountryStyle Publishing family because I believed in its concept and I had a vision of where I could take it. Regardless of my fear of diving in and changing things up, that’s what I need to do…for me and for you. To accomplish that, I will be bringing in new writers and topics to discuss… and you’ll notice a lot of cross interaction with UrbanCountryStyle here, and on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram. We’re all one big family now and I’m excited for the future as we continue moving forward together as one.

Moving Forward -

Moving Forward -

Moving Forward -

Dress – Cruel Girl (c/o Langston’s Western Wear) also seen here and here; Boots – Dingo/Dan Post (c/o Langston’s Western Wear); VestForever 21 (last summer); NecklaceDesigns by ShelaghLeather CuffJunk Gypsy Co; Silver Cuff – Ivan Thomas; Leather Clutch – Thrifted; Concho Belt – ancient from my closet?

So now…taking a deep breath…I’m announcing our first big change. We will reluctantly be saying goodbye to Danielle. She has started a new life and a new business outside of the blogging world and while we will really miss her, we wish her nothing but love and happiness in her new ventures (feel free to wish her the same in the comments here). She’s a talented free spirit, and we hope to maintain those qualities in this site as we continue down the road without her. And who knows, perhaps at some time in the future when she’s settled into her new life a little more we will have her pop by for a visit!

So I appreciate your patience as we begin moving forward together. I will approach rebuilding this site the same as building an outfit. I’ll add one layer at a time and try to find what works. And you’ll have opportunity for input every step of the way (I LOVE COMMENTS). It’s a process of constant editing…adding and deleting until we find that perfect formula together.




P.S. That’s not a still in the background. It’s my neighbour’s pool heating furnace. But I wish it was a still 😉


  1. Woot! Woot! Way to dive in there, Suzie! The first step is the hardest, it will get easier from here on & we have faith in you :)

    • Thanks so much Rhonda! That means the world to me!!!

      I’m so excited to dig in and get things going, and my head is buzzing with so many ideas that I didn’t sleep a wink last night!

  2. Comment

  3. Good for you Suzie! Sometimes that hardest part of any project is just getting started! Here is to diving in head first : )

    • Thanks Raquel! I’m diving in…hopefully not into the shallow end! lol

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