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The New West...From Runway to Ranch!

Rodeo Metallic Makeover

It’s no secret…I follow trends in fashion and I LOVE it. I try to work in a little bit of a new look here and there whenever I can get a chance.  This season, I’m a huge fan of the metallic looks, so when considering how I would work this trend into my western side, I decided to do a metallic makeover on a few rodeo outfits. Why? To be perfectly honest, I’m getting tired of seeing the same old thing in the stands. I firmly believe you can remain true to your western roots, but that doesn’t mean fashion that never changes or looking like every other cowgirl in the corral. I understand when you have a job to do, certain fashions are functional and are a must, but if you’re not on your horse you can take a tad more creative licence and incorporate a little street style, can’t you? With this in mind, for those of you tired of the same ol’ thing too, here’s a little inspiration for this year’s circuit.

Pewter Princess


Gold Digger


Copper Cutie


Now let’s talk…

See, a little change isn’t so hard, is it? Yes? No? Well, I have a few more questions for you to consider as I’m feeling my way around over here, so let’s start a dialogue on something very near and dear to my heart…

Are you crushing on any trend in particular for spring (one that you can see yourself working into your wardrobe to switch things up a little), or do you firmly believe western fashion shouldn’t change with the rest of the fashion world? Are you resisting change because it’s scary or, like western music, are you ready for it to venture out beyond it’s traditional borders? I’m dying to know…and be brutally honest. No point pussy footing around when you want to stomp and holler…just remember to be kind to each other while you do it :)




  1. First of all the pewter dress is stunning and ripe with possibilities, I love it turned on its head as a western look. I’m really tired of the cliche western/rodeo looks and the way you added some maturity and sparkle without the obvious blingy pocket denim is inspired. As always each of these looks are totally relatable and easy to wear for many body types. I am your biggest fan on this post!

    • Barbara, I’m very passionate about this topic. I love western fashion, but I kind of feel like it’s getting stuck in a bit of a rut. Time to venture out of our comfort zone a little and update our looks to the next level. And thanks girl…you know I LOVE you too :)

  2. It just happens that it’s rodeo month in my town and we take it very seriously. Today I was near the rodeo grounds and saw more super short denim skirts and wayyy too many rhinestoned t shirts. I love seeing some real fashion and creative western fashion and hope that these girls with darling figures think about making some fresh choices!

    • AMEN…regardless of figure type, I think this is really important!

  3. I love a classic look but I’m in love with the mints & corals right now. I also think the copper look is right up my alley. I find being a plus sized girl holds me back from following many fashion trends.

    • Courtney, I believe no matter what size you are there is always a way to work in a trend. Scale is important no matter what size you are and having said that, I believe you gave me a great idea for a post on my thoughts regarding this! Thanks so much for your input!

  4. I’m loving the colors! However, I’m much more of a knee high buckaroo boot kinda gal, but the color selections and textures are perfect!
    ~ RED

  5. Absolutely love the copper look, I pinned it! That blouse paired with the skirt is SO retro, but in a fresh way. Also love the jacket!

  6. Cute! I just got some really cute jeans (similar to these: that I plan on wearing to an upcoming rodeo! Thanks for the ideas of what to style them with!

  7. Love this post Suzie! It always seems that if you wear something cute everyone thinks that you are a little out there and you are flaunting yourself, but personally I think that they are just jealous of someone who can come out of their comfort zone. I’m with Miss Jess on this one! I love the copper outfit and I will be pinning it. I love the retro cowgirl vibe, and if I get a few looks and stares then so be it 😉 Maybe some other cowgirls will be inspired to step out of the norm!

    • Hooray! Another convert…and if the other gals are staring at you, I bet it’s ’cause they’re envious :)

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