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Put Some Spring in Your Mani..

Even though it seems as Spring was a bit delayed making a debut in some areas, Spring style is in FULL bloom finally. I must admit that the pretty Easter colors may be inspiring me to brighten up my mani. Pinks, blues, purples, and even yellows are catching my eye. Candy coated hues sprinkled with glitter are a perfect way to get your mani to bloom. And of course we can not forget the big color trend I am seeing everywhere; Coral.


Here are my picks for the perfect spring mani!!


I would love to hear what Spring mani you all are rockin’…


  1. Hot pink Shellac on all fingers but both ring fingers are pink sparkles. It seems like the Springtime thing to do!

    • Love pink, and that both ring fingers have sparkles!!!

    • I’m going to do this in silver next! Great idea :)

  2. I love the colors – and the idea about the sparkly ring fingers. Definitely in the mood for a mani now!

    • Michelle, I got so excited over this post I painted ALL my fingers sparkly…may have gone a little overboard! lol

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