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Barbara’s Son is Getting Married!

I think I’ve never been quite as excited to do a reader request. You see, I LOVE this lady and when she asked me for help with what she’s wearing to her son’s wedding, in NEW ORLEANS no less, well I darn near DIED! You see, Barbara is THE SHABBY COWGIRL and I’ve followed along with her Facebook posts and creations for the past couple of years. She always makes me smile, reminds me to be humble, and inspires me each and every day! So Barbara, I am honored to be asked and  to be writing this for you!

Barbara is a fabulous seamstress, so naturally she has chosen to make her dress using this BEE-YEW-TEE-FUL 70’s-ish vintage pattern. She’s chosen the lower left variation with a more tailored A-line skirt on it. Again…I DIE! Now I want to go dust off my sewing machine! I think it’s a perfect choice for you Barbara!

She was thinking about making it in turquoise to set off her stunning auburn hair and naturally, being a girl after my own heart, she’s going to wear these gorgeous Old Gringos with her gown.

Barbara's Son is Getting Married - Western Glamour

Since she’s asked about the pairing and her hair, here are my suggestions.

I LOVE the boots and I think that if you’re blessed with auburn hair, you should let it take center stage in the color department. Your boots will also be drawing a lot of attention due to their sheer FABULOUS FACTOR, so both of these combined would lead me toward a softer choice in dress color rather than the turquoise you were considering. Sorry, I love my turquoise as much as any girl, but I think it will be too much given the above.

I’m in love with the silvery blue in your boots, and I think that color against your auburn hair would be a better choice (in this situation). I’m also in love with the LACE trend this spring. So with all of that in mind, I think a soft silvery blue lace over a light weight silk/satin (tone on tone) for your dress would be phenomenal! Combined, the look will be wedding appropriate, on trend, and I think would also be in keeping with your personality if you are careful with your lace selection (not tablecloth-like lace, but how about something a little more modern and intricate?). Here are a couple of visuals to give you the idea (ignoring the sheer factor on these of course), and I personally LOVE the second one because the flowers scream YOU. Maybe you could make a few lace flowers and add them to the skirt section yourself??? Suzie-ShabbyCowgirl Creations to come?

Barbara's Son is Getting Married - Western Glamour

Barbara's Son is Getting Married - Western Glamour

What I also love about this is that after the wedding, you can simply shorten the skirt of the dress, add a denim jacket and some great silver jewels, and toss on those boots to give the whole thing a new life! I know you love repurposing as much as I do so I’m hoping you’ll find this option attractive.

As for the hair, you’ve described yourself as a free spirit, so I think these two options are perfectly done, yet not overly fussy. You could wear it one way to the rehearsal dinner, and the other to the wedding. I think I’d choose the half up-do for the wedding and the side pony for the dinner.

Barbara's Son is Getting Married - Western Glamour

Barbara's Son is Getting Married - Western Glamour

One thing that often bothers me about wedding hair is that the styles chosen are usually not something that most in the wedding party are comfortable with. And because of that, they just seem to walk and hold themselves different than they normally would. Going with a style that suits your personality as much as your face will allow YOU to shine through. I also love that both of these styles are within the capability levels of most everyone. This saves money for being out and about in New Orleans!

I have two other posts I’m working on for you Barbara (the rehearsal dinner and the SFO shopping trip), but since you haven’t started sewing your dress yet I thought I’d start with this one!

And if any of you have suggestions for Barbara, please shout them out. Plus, don’t forget to go LIKE her Facebook Page and check out her fab creations on Etsy at The Shabby Cowgirl! (Shhhh…She has no idea I’m asking you to do this).




  1. Suzie, I agree with Barbara … you have certainly “hit it out of the park”. I am hoping Barbara uses your suggestions and then posts pictures so we can see just how stunning she’ll look with your pairings. You have impeccable styling talent Ms.Suzie!

    • Thank you so much! I was nervous, yet excited, to do this. I really admire Barbara and wanted to do right by her!

  2. I am Facebook friends with B and tho we have never met, I love her! I love what she does, her personality & determination, and just everything about her!! I am also a small business mom and she gives me such encouragement! I think your ideas are wonderful and I can’t wait to see more! <3 from Jo, Farm Girl Glam

  3. Perfection. You captured B’s spirit beautifully. She is amazing and will take your advice and totally rock it. Can’t wait to see what her creative mind comes up with. Bless her wild heart.

    The Restless Spirit

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