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Carrie’s New Ariat’s

I LOVE getting reader requests…but this one was made very special when Carrie came to my attention  via a friend that she works with. While they were discussing Social Media, for some reason my name came up and apparently Carrie had heard of me! Lol. Well, once I heard she was a reader and she emailed me a pic of her new Ariat’s to ask how to wear them, I was pretty excited to put this post together.

Here are her gorgeous new boots! I couldn’t find the exact match for the Polyvore sets, but I think I got pretty close.

So Carrie, here are three easy ways to wear these this spring and summer.

First up, I love white denim for spring and I’ve always been a bit of a boho girl so here’s how I’d insert your boots into my style picks. And YES, I would put the vest over the flowy top. I like doing that as it tones down the “over” flowy look and gives a woman’s body some shape back. It’s just a little trick I use to avoid looking like a big bolt of fabric!

Carries New Ariats

Next up, I love a great fitting pair of dark wash boot-cut jeans. Your boots are gorgeous, but if you want to switch it up a little,  you just play off the caramel/brown tones by wearing them with a flared jean (if you’re tall and brave, I’d go really flared…dare to be different girl!).

Carries New Ariat Boots

And, since I know Carrie lives in Calgary, and that going to the office in full western fashion is acceptable there, I’ve added an office look.

Carrie's New Ariat Boots

Really hope that helps with your new boots Carrie! Let me know what you think and if you do wear any of the looks, I’d love to see pics please! And if Y’all have suggestions for Carrie, shout ’em out in the comments please! I know she’d love more ideas than just mine!

Have a great time playing with them girl!




  1. Great outfits! I’d love to see pics of Carrie’s outfits, to, once she puts them together. The boots are awesome, to!!

    • Her boots are so pretty! Of course they have my favorite color in them…I love turquoise Rhonda!

      And Carrie, I hope you’re listening girl, cause we want pictures :)

  2. I love those boots!!! I especially like the blue and orange combo, so pretty!
    I’d wear them with this coat maybe belted over some medium rinse distressed jeans. What do you think?

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